Saturday, June 03, 2006


I don't really have much to post about. Just wanted to let my SP know that I'm still around. Still working on the same projects since really I don't have much time to do anything but study. It makes for boring posts so unless something superexciting happens my postings are going to be brief. Plus, I am getting sick and I feel like crap!

Last weekend was a combined graduation party for my brother and myself. It was a great party. The weather was perfect. It was hot, but it was overcast so it wasn't too bad. The pool was up and running and the water wasn't too cold. We had a spongebob moonwalk (at my request). Sooo much fun!! During the day it was mostly family. At night the party got crazy. It went on to almost 5 in the morning. We went through soooo much alcohol! Three kegs and lots and lots of hard liquor. It was a great celebration. I was kind of disappointed with my dad's family since not many of them showed up. But really it was unsurprising with everything that has happened in the last year. Oh well, what can ya do? I didn't let it spoil my good time! (pictures may be coming...) There were literally over a 100 people here during various parts of the party. We are lucky that the police did not get called!

Back to the knitting talk. I think I posted about my green gable and the disaster that was the first blocking. Well it is now on its third blocking! No I have not worn it yet. I was blocking it for the second time during the week. I had the door to my room shut while it was on the blocking board on my floor. My mom came and knocked on the door, opened it up before I could tell her no, and BAM! In walks the dog and all over my shirt are paw prints! The damn shirt is cursed. So now the shirt is kind of hanging up in a weird way and hopefully it'll look ok when it is dried! And then finally I can show some pictures. I know the shirt is a little on the tight side, but I am hoping the washing and blocking might have helped a little bit. We shall see...One day I will be able to wear this shirt!

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Amanda said...

oh, that's too bad. can't you dry the shirt somewhere high so the dog can't get to it? well, third time's a charm.