Wednesday, May 24, 2006

what a week!

So this week has been my PMBR bar review class. The start of the summer of fun (extreme sarcasm intended here!)! It has been sort of mind numbingly boring. Yup, its rough trying to study! Hard to make the mind focus!

The weather since I've come to Illinois has been less then impressive. Seriously, enough with the rain!

My feet are killing me. Today I walked from Union Station to the place where my class was at each way it is 1.5 miles. I think I need new shoes, cuz ouch my feet!

I have been able to do some knitting since I've been on the train. I am using this from craftster as inspiration. I took the lace pattern from that and put it on Grumperina's original Tivoli pattern. I am using Shine Sport from Knitpicks in Orchid. This is what I've got so far.

I blocked and finished up Green Gable. While it was drying the dog walked across it. There are two big paw prints on the front. I haven't had a chance to rewash it yet. It's rather formfitting. Next time I'll make the size up. It's still pretty darn cute. Hopefully I'll get with the pictures soon!

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Erin said...

That's gorgeous! I love the Shine Sport... it's so nice to work with. The top looks great!! I hope the bar class is going OK.