Thursday, January 12, 2006

A very belated thanks!

I have been out of the state visiting family for the holidays and my winter break. Now school is about to start again and I can finally update!

I wanted to thank Sarah of zephyr style! She was my Secret Pal 6! Sarah just spoiled me rotten, and was great to have as a spoiler. I ordered some stitchmarkers from her for my secret pal Erin and I sent some as RAOK before I knew that she was my secret pal! I feel horrible that it took me this long to post about the fabulous reveal package. My boyfriend actually brought the package to me from Iowa to Illinois at Christmas time so that I wouldn't have to wait to open it.

Now on to the wonderful gifts! First up is this wonderful book--Knitted Babes! I have already made one with some dye your own yarn from Knitpicks (yarn not pictured as it was used before it could be pictured!). She doesn't have a name or a lot of clothes yet, but she is made. Picture of her will be included in a later post (once she gets some clothes, no naked dolls, this is not a porn site!). I had wanted this book for a long while now and I was very happy to receive it!

Next up: A Zephyr Style Shirt! Sock yarn, I am waiting for my tiny needles to arrive so I can start my first attempt at socks. Then the little birdies and birdhouses, so cute! This is currently hanging up in my kitchen! The picture does not come close to showing the cuteness of this.

And there is more! Some Koolaid for the dying yarn that was included and not pictured! Skittles one of my favorite candies in the whole wide world, and the smoothies mix is soooo good. Also some candles vanilla scented, these candles made the whole package smell so good when I opened it. Then there are some winter themed post-its ( I am a huge post-it fan, and I don't know if I have ever blogged about that), and a cute purse sized kleenex package. In the bottom right hand corner are three little picture frames in red, green, and cream. Very cute, and I think they will be coming to the clinic with me when that starts up again.

Next up are these cute little jars, one with hot chocolate mix, one with marshmellows, and another with mints in it. These will also be off to the clinic with me. Aren't they cute?

Finally there were three sets of knitting needles, and the card of course. I am lazy and not going to look up exactly what the sizes are right now.

Thank you so much Sarah! You were a great pal to have. I love Zephyr and this package just really highlighted your wonderful style! I really enjoyed secret pal 6. I did not sign up for secret pal 7, and I think I am going to miss getting the random packages in the mail. I was lucky that both my experiences with secret pal 5 and secret pal 6 went so well.

I will have more of an update later!


Sarah said...

Oh Goodie, I'm glad you're home and had a good holiday. I am also very glad that you got and liked your final package. Oh and before I forget the needle sizes are actually marked on the top, near the ball, in gold paint... it's hard to see, but they are there! I hope you get some good use out of the needles, I just thought they were beautiful, I even bought some for me! I didn't sign up for SP7 either, things just keep getting busier here at my house and though it was very fun to spoil you, I was one of those unfortunate un-spoiled gals... just kind of a bummer! It was wonderful getting to know you, I'll keep stopping by from time to time, good with with school and here's to a Very Happy Year for you and your family!

Erin said...

You of all folks deserved to be spoiled crazy rotten. I love the Zephyr stitch markers you sent to me!! I hope you had a good holiday. Thanks for offering to be an angel. I'm going to pass that on to the rest of the hostesses!!