Monday, December 12, 2005

A big Thank You!!

This is a big thank you to the person I was spoiling in SP6 Erin! She sent me this wonderful thank you present!

She sent me some pancake mix, this is Grandma Mimi's Almond Pancakes, looks like it'll be delicious, I can't wait to give it a try.

Also a fiesta yarns tote bag. I'm going to put my WIP's in it when I go to my parents house!

Two skeins of Fiesta WaterMark, which is 60% mohair and 40% wool.
I don't know what I will make with them yet, but I'm sure whatever it is will be beautiful. I just love the colors in these skeins and it is so soft!

Then she also sent these 2 skeins! Really these pictures just emphasis that I am not a photographer. These are really fun and I can't wait to use them.

Then to top it all off she sent a lavender packet, some scrapbooking dog embellishments and a felted flower pattern!
Thank you so much Erin! This gift was totally unexpected and I really love it. It came at such the perfect time when I could use a little pick me up.

I don't know if I posted it before, but here's where someone hit my bumper. It happened the week before Thanksgiving. I need a new bumper. I finally got a check from the person's insurance only its about $200 less then the estimate was, this is based on what the insurance company thinks it could be done for. So now I gotta call the body shop and see if they would actually fix it for this price, if not then I get to call the insurance people again.


Erin said...

You're more than welcome--I'm glad they were a good pick-me-up. Thanks so much for being an awesome secret pal!!

amy said...

hi there! you won my contest over at good to be girl. can you drop me an email with your name and address so i can get your giftie out? Thanks!! -amy


amy said...

just checking in, i still have your giftie waiting for you, drop me an email when you have a chance. Thanks! -amy