Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lovely flowers from my sweet boyfriend for our 8 year anniversary! He also got me a blocking board, which hasn’t arrived yet, and a knitting book (knitting answers).

I revealed myself to my secret pal Erin! She got her gift this week, she’s a super cool gal and was a lot of fun to spoil!

Here are the promised pictures of MaryElla. They didn’t come out all that well, I guess my camera doesn’t dig the close ups. I used hooks and eyes as the closures. I first started with snaps, but they were slightly too large. So the hooks and eyes are sewed in temporarily until I decide if I want to keep them for sure. Sewed in temporarily because it was a bitch to take out those snaps and the one side is slightly fuzzy from taking the snaps out.

It’s kind of weird, but I don’t think that I put too much of myself or my personality into this blog. Why? I don’t know, I think it’s mainly because I am a very private person and it’s hard for me to let go and write things, even though I know that basically only three people ever read this. Part of the reason might be because so much of my time is spent either doing things or talking about things that I cannot write about here. Clinic stuff, case stuff. It’s all interesting to me, and maybe would be to you to, but I cannot write about it because of privacy concerns. So all in all, I think this makes for a rather boring blog.

Tomorrow is my last day of clinic (for this semester!)!! Thank god! I am getting rather fed up with things around here. The clincher would be my supervisor who says things like “You are all lawyers now, and lawyers don’t get vacations. You need to call in over break, and handle your court dates…and blah blah blah.” But the thing is I am not an attorney yet. I am a law student who has made a commitment of working 180 hours this semester not a commitment to work full time, and when that commitment is done (tomorrow), well I am not coming back in during the break. Furthermore, I will be over 300 miles away, and I’m not making a five hour drive for something that someone else could easily cover.

Two hearings tomorrow, and see ya later I am gone!! Ok in reality I won’t be going to my parents until Weds, I think, as long as the weather holds out. Speaking of weather, this is the view out of my window! Yikes, cold, freezing…brr just thinking about it!!!

I need to think about what I want for Christmas from the boyfriend. I can’t really think of all that much that I want. I told my mom and family a bunch of books that I would like. Tony asked if I would like a big box of yarn for Christmas. And I kind of would…

Finished all the pieces of the black cotton-ease sweater and I am waiting for my blocking board to arrive before I sew everything together. This might just be some procrastination.

Current work in progress is a top down raglan sweater. I am making this in two shades of cotton-ease because I don’t have enough of the one color so it will have black edgings. I am also working on a throw blanket for my little brother made out of acrylic. I don’t think he can handle nice yarn. Seriously this is the 19 year old who had his dorm mate doing his laundry because he didn’t know how.

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k said...

Your blog is not boring. I like it. And at least some of your personality comes through. You seem like a neat person.:)