Wednesday, November 02, 2005

RAOK thanks!

This is just a quick update to say thanks to Tori of RAOK for the beautiful stitchmarkers and the notecards! These are really fabulous and I really love them!


k said...

Wow, how pretty. I love those stitch markers. Lucky, lucky, girl. :)

Karen said...

Those stitch markers are so neat! Enjoy them. :)

junknitter said...

Hi Dais,
It's early Saturday morning and like to check in on my favorite blogs and people when all is quiet. Thanks for your note on my blog...I made two little sack and forgot to photograph them before I sent them off. I have others I hope to post soon...I made a bag out of the black you sent me...I will photograph and post. This is a very busy time for me...but we are planning a family trip to Italy and France next summer, the last before our babe goes off to college. Glad you could get away. Take care, Junknitter