Monday, October 31, 2005

i am considering divorcing my computer

I may have had it with my little dell laptop. Today it is being very naughty so I gotta try to do this all real quick before it needs another spanking.

First the knitting stuff! A present arrrived just on time from my SP! Isn't it so Halloween? I have never had the sour candies before so I am eager to try them. And a pumpkin! And some orange yarn of a type which I have never come across before.

Here's something that I whipped up really quick last Thursday/Friday, it is a one skein hat from Noro Kureyon Color 90, I just love love love the colors in it! This yarn was from my needle exchange pal (reminder to myself to look up her blog to put here!).

Next up we have one of current WIP's, can you guess what it is? It is made out of Koigu. This is a little bit less then one full skein on size 6's with slightly less increases then were called for in the pattern. So far it has been a fun knit. I don't know if I want to keep this for myself or give it as an X-mas present.

This weekend I had to go back to the parents house so that I could go to the dentist. Ick! Ouch! Lets not talk about the fun and joy that was. When I arrived back at my place I brought in all my junk from the car, started putting away groceries and then got extremely itchy. I pulled up my sleeve and my whole left arm was pink! I have no idea what bit me or what happened but I have one incredibly itchy arm. Now there are about 5 spots like the ones in the pictures on my left arm and one on my knuckle on my right hand. Weird...and itchy. Did I mention the itch yet?

When I went to California I only took a few pictures. Most of the stuff I was doing (going to bars and drinking, pretending to be a dancing queen) really did not need to be documented in pictoral form. Here's one picture of me at sunrise on the beach near my friend's apartment. We had not been up all night drinking, this was the first day that I was there and we just happened to wake up really early.

The other picture is the sunrise on the airplane on my way to California. It was amazingly pretty, flying above the clouds, and seeing the sun rise.

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k said...

I am guessing Clapotis. Am I right? Also is that beach Santa Monica? Those bite thingies look itchy, and possibly mosquito or spider. Take a benedryl and the itchy should go away.(I am not a doctor, so this is only a suggestion. A doctor should be consulted before taking any medication of any kind.) That's my disclaimer :)