Thursday, October 27, 2005


I am procrastinating from things that I really need to be doing.

Yesterday I had court, and I am very unhappy with my performance. I just felt like an idiot. BLAH. I guess this is part of the learning process and all that right?

There have been some complaints about the distribution of cases within the clinic lately from people in my program. Some people have no active cases and haven't been in the courtroom at all. Others (ME) have been overrun and going crazy with stuff to do. It just seems weird. Apparently they are just not paying all that much attention to the caseloads when giving out new cases. I volunteered to give my juvenile delinquency case away, but we aren't really allowed to do that. I still have 3 more hearings this semester and I know that I will have atleast 2 more added to this. To a real attorney this probably doesn't seem like a lot, but when you factor in school and the whole not knowing what the hell you are doing, its a lot.

Today is day 2 of horrible migraine from hell. It is the unstoppable pain. Seriously nothing is making it better. HELP!

I sent a little plea out to the RAOK group, I hope someone responds to it.

In knitting news, well there hasn't been too much. ha. No really it is sad. But unfortunately I am working on a paper and all the typing I do for that is making my wrists hurt, so knitting is uncomfortable.

I did send out my second present to my SP. I hope she likes it!

And I received a really nice pair of earrings from my former person that I spoiled (seriously what is the correct term for this?). I do have pierced ears and the stone is actually my birth stone!


junknitter said...

Hang in there Daisy. My life is complicated, so maybe it is in the stars, but unfortunately I think it is in the White House.

Junk Knitter

Your Secret Pal! said...

A migranes and papers, YUCK! We can't have sore wrists and head aches when ther's knitting to be done! Hope you're feeling better soon, keep and eye on your mail box, some treats are on the way...