Saturday, August 06, 2005

yadda yadda yadda

On Monday there will be pictures. Pictures of my finished Tivoli tee which will hopefully be blocked by then. And hopefully the little piggy that I knit today will be sewn up so I can show that off too. But for now I'll I'm asking is for my Secret Pal to contact me. I think you said a package was going to be sent soon? Was it sent yet? If so I may need to go and check with the office manager (see post below). Just wondering.

But now, I feel sick. Icky all over. So I'm going to sleep on a Saturday at 9. Yeah the exciting life I live!

Editted to Add: My second package from my SP has arrived! A post with pictures will be coming soon. Right now I am TRYING to study and not fool around with the web and knitting and all the things I would rather be doing.


Gina said...

THANK YOU sooo much for the gift!!! I was soo surprised when I recieved it!!!! THANK YOU again!!!
I put pics on my blog... But I had left your card at home and didnt remember the blog name! I am going to change it today!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad your gift arived. I know that it was a little late but I have been so busy this month with working and everything. I have another package read to send but I just need a few more things. I hope you like all the items so far. Enjoy and I hope you are feeling better. Next package I will hope to devulge who I am but for now ~ Best Wishes from "knit" oops I mean your Secret Pal