Tuesday, August 02, 2005


life has been kinda ehh lately. nothing in particular just ehh. ya know?

i think my apartment office manager is holding one of my packages hostage. about 8 months ago my apartment building got a new management company and now they only have someone in the office from 8-12. nice hours right? it must be really nice to work here when the office is only open on weekdays when everyone who lives here is either at work or at school. so UPS will drop packages off in the office without informing the person who is getting the package, and the manager will not bother to inform me either. so i think i might possibly have a package being held.

the tivolil tee is coming along so beautifully. it fits wonderfully, i'm knitting it at 6 stitches an inch which makes the size about 28.3 inches. which fits me wonderfully. i'm at the waist increases and i love it!

i sent off two RAOK on monday. i think the first one will be there tomorrow. i hope it is liked and enjoyed. i'm kinda worried about this..

tomorrow i will post a happy post (hopefully) and involving some pictures.

my take home exam is almost 1/2 done (maybe this accounts for my icky mood? i feel like i've been working on it forever and it is not done yet, but i have until friday).


Katie said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful RAOK that you sent me. I love the patons divine. and the wool of the woods. I plan on making a sewater or a poncho for my little girls mayby pink with cream trim.
thank you again ,you made my day, Week, month.

Christine said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I saw the link on Katie's blog and thought about what a thoughtful thing you had done. I hope you get your package from the building people!