Tuesday, August 09, 2005

oh my gosh- LOOK at the pictures!

This weekend was so incredibly uneventful. The boy is sick. I was feeling sick on Saturday. Some studying got done, but not nearly enough. Some knitting got done but I tried to limit it. My hand and arm were hurting on Friday so I thought it might be a good idea to slow down the knitting for a couple of days. That being said here's what I did:

Finished Tivoli Tee. Took 3 1/2 skeins of Knitpicks elegence on size 5s. I am worried it might be a bit itchy. This is an unblocked picture. Ok, I cannot take a picture of myself very well either, so yeah...don't make fun of how stupid I look.

I made the pieces for a pigglet. Here it is all uneventful and unsewn. This is made out of Cottonease on size 3 needles. You can kinda see a pig like form in there, right?

I started a pinwheel blanket. This is made out of eBay yarn. Some sort of Chenile. Two strands of the lighter colored and one of the darker. I think it's nice neutral colors. This will either be a Christmas present or it will be a donation to the church bazaar. I am doing this on huge size 15 needles. So quick!

In other non-knitting news, I start school on the 18th. And for my first 2 days of school in one class I already have 42 pages of reading. UGH!

Here are pictures of some recent purchases I have made in my stress induced state. I tell yah I really do buy when I am stressed. It is a horrible condition!



eBay yarn:


Some of the stuff I cannot show because they are for gifts either for the SP or for RAOK. I admit it, I have a problem.

This week I need to send out some RAOKs, and my last present for the SP. Maybe tomorrow because I also need to pick up a perscription from Walgreens. Trying to say NO, I will not leave the house until much studying had been done.

I almost forgot! Here are pictures of my second package from my Secret Pal!There is some sock yarn in there and some Microspun. I have never attempted socks of any sorts so I will have to see about this. She also gave some links to some helpful sock sites.

Wish me luck only 4 days of studying left before the MPRE (Multi state professional responsibility exam). This is just one step of my being an attorney (in a year).

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ck said...

the tivoli top looks great!