Friday, July 29, 2005

What I've been up to.


Thank you Lu for the gift certificate to Adagio! Can't wait to try something. And thank you Noreen for the e-cards!

Editted to add a big thank you to Victoria at Toriknits for sending me a few magazines!

Monday morning I made a split second decision to make the 5 hour drive to go with my sister to her first doctors appointment for her baby. That's right I am going to be an aunt! This is the first grandchild for my parents and it is so exciting for everyone. Well, everyone except my brother-in-law. My BIL is some how blaming this baby on my sister, apparently she conceived it all on her own. That's right, my sister is the new Virgin Mary. So he refused to go to the doctor with her, and has been acting like the world's most giant asshole. Because I love her so, I made the long as drive so I could be there Tuesday morning. I got to see the baby, and see the heartbeat! It was amazing.

It was a good thing I left Monday morning, originially I had planned on leaving Monday evening. But I changed my mind and left early. Monday night a HUGE storm blew through my parent's neighborhood. Literally just through my parent's neighborhood, like 5 blocks away didn't have the damage that we did. The power was out for more then a day as a tree fell on to the transformer. Trees fell all over the place. The people behind us had a huge tree fall on to their house. It really looking like a tornado had blown through. Luckily none of my family's trees were damaged.

I came back on Wednesday to find this nice little present from my wonderful boy. Why? Just because he loves me.And what was inside? Why this was, and truly it was a just because gift. This is the first time I've ever gotten a gift quite this nice for no reason at all!
This picture doesn't show how pretty these pearls are. Really just wow!

I have been working on finishing up my summer course stuff. I have an extra credit assignment to finish and my final to finish writing. Then I need to study my ass off for my MPREs! MPRE's are like an ethics test for attorneys and they happen two weeks from today. I've been studying off and on all summer for it, but now I need to be mostly on the studying! Yup I am nervous. Atleast it is multiple choice and not an essay though.

Because I have been stressing abuot this stuff it means I have done some horrid shopping. Shopping is completely one of my major stress relievers. Pictures will come when things arrive in the mail. I already know UPS has two to deliver today.

Knitting content here! This is my Tivoli, working on it slowly and steadily.


Lu said...

Yopu are very welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow.... what a fantastic little box. I have to say that Tiffany & Co is my favorite color.... LOL

Glad to hear you left early to avoid the storm at your parents.

Congrats on being a New Aunt.

Talk to you later!
Your Secret Pal