Friday, July 22, 2005

It's Friday, and I don't have anywhere to go...

This is an usual occurrence around here. The fact that it is Friday and I am home alone. I am making onion soup, for myself, since I am home alone. I accidentally added too much spices, but that is ok because I alone am going to be eating this. The boy went back to the home state because he is buying a new car, well its a new used car. It is making him very happy, and in exchange for this happiness I get to spend a much needed weekend home alone.

What will I be doing with my alone time? Why I will be reading, studying, cleaning, and knitting. Hopefully the knitting will not take over the weekend. Because knitting sometimes has a mind of its own, it wants to take over the world. Or at least conquer my little world.

I finished all the pieces for my R2 sweater of weirdness. Hopefully it'll get blocked tonight, sewn, and then I can show off some pictures.

I started a Tivoli tee. I am not sure about whether it is going to fit. I know I will need it to be smaller then the smallest size. My gauge is smaller, so I am hoping it will all work out. I have decided that in either case I will want my sister to try it on. She's a little bit bigger then me. And if it fits I will make her one for a Christmas present or something along those lines. I am using knitpicks elegance in grass with the idea that this would be not a summer shirt, but more a shirt for layering under cardigans when it starts to get a little chillier. It's gonna take a while though, I am only about 2 inches in.

Here's a picture of pure happiness at my sister's wedding. Aren't we the cutest? I had brilliantly bright red hair at the time, I miss it so. And he had a molhawk which is slicked down in the picture.


pleutim said...

I've wondered about a 3/4 sleeve or long-sleeved Tivoli. Seeing as I haven't even cast on yet (need yarn) it might be a little chilly to wear it mid-December, which is when it will probably be finished.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. You guys are a cute couple.

BTW - get ready for another package... I am off to ship it off right now.

Can't wait to see how your Tee turns out.

I hope you found somewhere to go over the weekend.

Take care!
Your Secret Pal