Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A real post with pictures

Two posts in two days, kinda nuts for me. I think that posts are more interesting with pictures, so I am going to attempt to use more pictures in mine. The problem is that I often forget to take pictures. I'll remember to bring the camera, but not to whip it out. For example I brought the camera home for my parents anniversary, figuring at the very least I could atleast get a picture of me and my boy toy all dressed up and looking nice. But nope, I did not. I even looked good with a shirt that nearly gave me some cleavage (look I like my breasts, but I cannot exactly say I was blessed in that department).

Here are the few pictures that I did take. I wanted to nicely illustrate the drive to my parent's home. This is the midwest, makes you yawn just looking at it, doesn't it? It has been described as the most boring drive ever. I have to agree. There is plenty of corn to look at though. Yup lots and lots of corn, and some cows!
Those black dots there are cows! Very exciting, how could someone rather see mountains or oceans? Some times you get lucky and see a horse or even a sheep.

So while I'm adding pictures here are some current pictures of my baby doggie bud. He's the puppy love of my life. Really he is. He is a wacky crazy dog who I like to say has personality. Unfortunately since I have been gone to school my mom has been giving him lots of extra treats. And it is adding up.
See him attempting to fit his fat little butt on the stairs? It made me laugh so much so I had to take a picture!

I have already gotten a welcome comment from someone on the RAOK list, and that makes me so happy. I have been working on a couple of little things to send to some random people, pretty much just to say hi. It's been fun, hopefully I will make a couple more tomorrow.


pleutim said...

LOL I'm doing the "I'm new here so here's a present" thing too. Seems like an awesome group though, eh? And I laughed at your poor chubby puppy too - his butt is hanging off the step a little.

chrissie said...

Welcome to RAOK! I look forward to reading your blog.

BeccaU said...

Hi there - welcome to RAOK! I liked your post to the group about yourself :) My boyfriend, of 8 years, and I were married last November. And I spent a summer in North Dakota 5 or 6 years ago, I have a few pictures like that to show the folks here in CT how amazingly FLAT the midwest is :^)

Catherine Kerth said...

Welcome to RAOK! lookk forward to getting to know you... WOW 8 yrs! thats along time:)

Deb said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes:) And welcome to RAOK!!

Jenn said...

OMG! Your dog looks just like a dog that I had. (she had tumors and ended up not being able to walk bc we didnt realize it when we got one of the tumors off but there were a bunch more. She was also have seizurs and that made her unable to walk to we had to put her down :( ) but her name was Princess and I thought I was seeing her again for a second when I saw that picture! She was a good dog and lived for a LONG time.