Tuesday, July 19, 2005

RAOK and other stuff.

So I've just been invited to join the Fiber RAOK! This makes me happy. Trying to figure out the bloglines thing though oi, it is making me not so happy. I think I figured it out now. Maybe, not so confident. This makes me super happy since I am having a good time with the Secret Pal thing, now I can give even more gifts.

Not much knitting was accomplished this weekend. It was sort of a Harry Potter weekend. I say sort of because I only got to read part of Saturday since I had to help my mom clean out Auntie Steph's place (incredibly sad), then went out to dinner with the family for my parent's 29th wedding anniversary, then on to socialization with friends. So I finished the book on Sunday with a slight hangover and I'm not going to give anything away. Nope. All I'm saying is that it is the only book I can remember that has made me cry. I'm sure there were probably others, but this is the only one that comes to mind. I am know reading it again, this time slower and for details of things I may have missed or that might make more sense now.

Currently on my needles are the sleeves to a sweater from R2. It's a weird looking thing so far since it is made with size 13 needles and this weird tape like yarn. It's looking tiny but the thing is so super incredibly stretchy. I've decided to just finish the thing since it is going fast, and see what exactly it looks like.

Next post I have a bunch of pictures. Including one that kinda shows how incredibly fat my dog is getting.

(I'm kinda happy, there has been some talk of marriage in the daisy household. No not any time soon...but still...)


Kimberly said...

Welcome to the FiberRAOK from another newbie :) I've been having fun surfing through the pages and reading everyones blogs!

Deb said...

Welcome to RAOK!

kmckiernan said...

Welcome to RAOK! :) Happy Knitting!