Monday, June 20, 2005

weekend recap

The weekend went pretty much as expected. I was sick and didn't do too much. I lost my voice almost completely on Sunday at the family party. People kept asking about school, and lucky for me I didn't really have to talk too much about it. I hate talking about school. I hate explaining about the classes I am taking and blah blah blah.

Feeling ok right now. Not really great but I have some voice now. I am down to blowing my nose only every 10 minutes instead of every 5. So improvements have been made!

On the knitting front I mailed off my pal's first surprise today! I hope she likes it. I put a good amount of thought into it. And then after I mailed it off I received some of the presents that are going into next months package! I worked on the baby blanket of doom, the neverending project...I got a lot done. Then I noticed on Sunday right before people had arrived that I had somehow purled a row that should be knit. So I unknit that, and then I started doubting whether the row beneath that was actually correct. That's when I put it away and said I will deal with this when I am not high on cough medicine. I am almost afraid of looking at it right now for fear of what I might see. I did, however, weave in all the loose ends on the ride to IL.

I am so far behind on the work for my summer class. I do not look forward to dealing with that crap. Later tonight, right now I am going to get back to my Jeffrey Deaver novel.

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