Thursday, June 23, 2005

No complaining!

I realize that last few posts have been all complaining. I am such a whiner.

This weekend I got a haircut that I really like. Got about 3 inches cut off, and layers and things. When I am not sick I shall take a picture.

I am nearly done with my baby blanket which means I shall start the sweater soon. I have about 30 rows left to do on the blanket. I ended up having to unknit about 3 rows to get everything fixed from the cold medicine massacre. I realized that I am improving on being able to fix my mistakes. Then I wasn't so sure that was a good thing. Because it means that I must be screwing up a lot.

I got an ecard from my secret pal! How nice! It said that my first package has been sent! How exciting! I am looking forward to this.

I am working on making one of those "100 things about me", to have a little bit more content as to who I am.

And its time for knitting and a nap!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad things are looking up for you.
Can't wait to read the 100 things about you. I did one a few months ago... gosh it was hard to answer all those questions. In a few months I shall send it to you so you can find out more about me... for now just know that you and I have alot in common... from the few rows left in our baby blankets to knitting and then napping... LOL
Your Secret Pal!