Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yep, it's some WIPs

How many work in progresses do you currently have ongoing?

I tend to only have a few that I am actually working on, but there are always a few around that are stopped in the middle and not being worked on. Sometimes a project just loses steam. That something special is missing from the item and I no longer have any desire to work on it.

I currently have 2 works in progress that I am actively working on—a clapotis and a cloud bolero.



The clapotis only needs a couple more decrease sections and it'll be done! The cloud bolero needs length and then I'm going to add some sleeves to it. I'll do full FO reports when they are complete.

I currently have 2 items that are works in progress that have not been touched in months upon months—a garter stitch baby blanket and tank top. The tank top just needs an edging around the neckline and it'll be done, and yet I don't do it...For some reason I have no desire to frog these items, but then again, I have no desire to actually work on them either. They are just stalled. Maybe one day I will return to them? At this point I just do not know…

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Team Knit ! said...

The clapotis is looking really great! Nice colour choice.