Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year!

2007 Knit FOs

Finished Knit Items from 2007! Click on it to be taken to the big version!

Do you make knitting (or other hobby) goals for the New Year? This year I think my goal is going to be mainly to work on sweaters or tops for myself. I know that I will have some non-sweater projects mixed in, but I’ve found that the sweaters are what I enjoy the most! I’m currently working on Cloud Bolero and Nicole. I’ve just recently started both of them, so there is not too much actual work to show. I usually do not plan my knitting projects out ahead of time. I just keep a long list of potential projects (now that list is on Ravelry in my queue), and when the needles are free I wander through my potential projects and find something to cast on. I usually only have one sweater/big project going at a time. However, I started Nicole first and it is complicated, so I needed an easier project going as well and that is how I came to be working on the Cloud Bolero as well.

Do you look at this time of year as an ending (of 2007) or as the beginning of something new (2008)?

In general, I think I am an optimistic person. I tend to want to think of this time of the year as a new beginning, as a fresh start with endless possibilities. 2007 was not one of my best years. There were many lows in the year, many points of the year that I would personally love to forget. Of course, there were also many incredible moments this year. The arrival of my niece was the most amazing event; I never could have predicted exactly how much I would love her. Another would be celebrating my 10th anniversary with my boyfriend. With this past year, I’ve noticed that many of my “highlights” were actually based on happiness that came secondhand. I’ve been happy because of sharing the joy of others. Not that much in my actual life is happening that causes me happiness. Sometimes it gets hard when I really just want a little happiness of my own.

My goal for 2008 is just to bring more happiness to my life, to find out what brings me joy. Whether this is a little thing (like a new magazine), or a larger thing (like finishing a knitting project). I need to learn to make myself happier. I cannot depend on others always providing my happiness. As a part of this, I really need to know myself better. I need to stop putting myself in positions that lead to unhappiness. I need to put myself first more then I do now. I need to take the time to enjoy the little moments. I need to accept the things I cannot change and learn not to dwell on them. I need to learn to say “No” when I really mean it, and not worry about hurting other people’s feelings.

Enough rambling from me, Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Your goal for 2008 really struck a chord with me. I could have written it myself. I'll keep checking in with your blog in the hope I'll stick with the "making me happy" philosophy too.
I'll be watching your FO's as well of course. Don't they look fab when you see them all together like that...Amanda