Thursday, February 08, 2007

I finished some things in February!

So I did finish one of the sweaters I was writing about in my last entry. Of course all it needed was a bare minimum to be finished, darning the underarms and sewing in ends. Really I do not know why I procrastinated so incredibly long! I don't have pictures of it on, but here are some of it laid out.

Pattern: Minisweater, by Glampyre.
Yarn: Cotton-ease
Needles: US 8?
Modification: I joined the body and made it a full length sweater, and I added full length arms on to it. I haven't worked too much on the other sweater that has been languishing on the sidelines for a long while. I started a sleeve, and I've done maybe 2 inches. I did start one item that I had not planned on. One of my cousins has just announced that she is pregnant, so I started a baby blanket. I have a while to work on it (baby is due in September), but I thought I might as well start it now. I am doing a "dishcloth" blanket. Like this pattern, with yarn that was on sale at Hobby Lobby last weekend. It is going super fast so far!

Another thing I've been working on is putting a few items on Etsy. I put up some jewelry and little things that I've made. I already sold one beaded knit bracelet that I made! I have a couple more that I've finished that I think I will be adding either today or tomorrow as well. I completed the earrings below yesterday. They are made with Czech Glass Beads. I think they are simple and elegant! Click on the picture to see some other items I have made.

I am feeling so tired! It was a trying morning (already). I had to take the dog to the vet for an ultrasound, which will hopefully figure out some problems he has been having. He hates hates HATES to ride in the car, so it was fun in morning traffic to be driving a big crying baby dog. And he hates that I had to leave him there alone to have the tests! Hopefully they will figure things out and it won't be anything serious.

I am working on figuring out how to do things a little better with this blog. For example, I now made it so clicking on the pictures of the sweater will take you to my Flickr page, and clicking on the picture of the earrings will take you to my etsy shop. Really, I know it is such a little thing, but I feel all kinds of proud of myself!


Erin said...

Beautiful sweater... I love it! I hope your dog's OK.

Woman who knits said...

It looks great!! I hope your vet figures out what is going on!