Thursday, February 01, 2007

Finishing Items in February.

So I hear there is some kind of knitalong about finishing things in February? I cannot find the link now, but I know I've seen it around. So that's what my plan is. No more starting new items until I actually get some of the WIPs done! I swear I am gonna keep with this. So here are the items that I have finished this year!

Pattern: Colorful Waves Throw
Source: Knitpicks free pattern online.
Yarn: Variety of knitpicks yarns (most as suggested in the pattern) plus a few extras from my stash.
Needles: US 10 1/2
Modifications: Just the addition/substitutions of yarns. I have to say that I would never choose to knit with Suri Dream again! Seriously I hate hate hate the stuff. Which is unfortunate because I've still got some left. This is about the size of a twin bed. I didn't actually measure it or anything. Should probably be washed.

Pattern: Chemo Hat (cannot find the pattern at the moment, but it's a basic hat pattern) These are for the Childrens' hospital of Boston.
Source: Minestrone Soup
Yarn: All Fun Fur except the "bronze" which is Disco!
Needles: US 9?
Modifications: None, I just made a couple of varied sizes.

I know that picture is scary!

Other items that need to be finished include two sweaters, both black. One needs sleeves, and some kinda buttonband/closure system. The other one just needs the underarms seamed and ends woven in. It also might need the sleeves lengthened. And yeah it's been like that for approximately the last 5-7 months!

I've also been working on my Flickr account and some other little things around the site. I need to figure out how to make a picture into the blog header thing and do pictures in the background. But I really have no idea how to do that!

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Woman who knits said...

I can't find that KAL either and have read about it!! Love th chemo caps. I like knitting for cause. The throw is great. I've considered doing that pattern. I've seen it on the website so many time!