Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Work In Progress Wednesday!

This is the face I constantly see. Begging for walks every time I put my shoes on. I haven't had a picture of him up here in awhile. I’m going to try to update more often since I have been knitting like crazy. I actually even took pictures of all my recently finished and unblogged objects. But my camera has been doing the crazy blurry for no reason thing again. I’ve just tried charging the batteries completely and hopefully that will help with the quality of the pictures. But now I need to retake all of my pictures!

In other news the closest and bestest Joann’s Super store (I forget what they call the REALLY big stores), is closing. And ya know what that means? It means that everything in the store is on sale. Everything is between 30 and 50 % off. I bought some beads (and already finished some items with them, this will be for another post), some more embroidery thread for more Julies, and my mom bought me some yarn which has already been made into a scarf (will post about later) and one of my current WIPS. I also got some buttons and some other sort of random items. The biggest thing for me though is resisting the sales! I know my personality, I am a stockpiler. I buy in bulk. If I like something I buy it in 5 colors. If I know that one day in the very distant future that there is a slight possibility that I could use this item, then I will buy it. So I am NOT going to the Joanns. I will not be taken in by the sales. I won’t! I honestly have not bought any yarn since around stitches Midwest, and my goal is not to buy any for a long long time! I must use the stash yarn! I must!

Works In Progress:

Pattern: Raglan Top Down Cardigan
Source: Free trial version of Knitware Sweaters 2.50
Yarn: Bernat satin 100% acrylic
Needles: US 8, Denise Interchangeable
Modifications: No modifications. This is my first time knitting a cardigan, and I wanted to try how this software works. It can be hard to find patterns in my size (super tiny) and I thought this might be an interesting option for me. So far it seems a bit different then the other top down raglans I have knit (like Tivoli, and the boobholder), the spacing for the raglan increases are spaced differently. I figure I will at least knit until the sleeves are on holders and I can try it on to see how I like it. If I don’t then I can always frog it!

Pattern: Seafoam Stitch Pattern
Source: Vogue Knitting: the Ultimate Knitting Book
Yarn: South West Trading Company, Oasis, 100% Soy Silk, in color Parrot. (From my stash)
Needles: US 5, Denise Interchangeable
Modifications: I am just using 16 stitches, and repeating to make a semi-long skinny scarf. I know it’s more for show and looks then warmth, but it is fun. I will be donating this to the church craft bazzar.

Am I the only one that Amazon is constantly not working for? I have to repeatedly reload the pages for them to actually show up. It’s rather irritating.

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Woman_Who_Knits said...

That scarf is to die for!! Gorgeous colors!! LOVE IT!!!