Wednesday, June 28, 2006

never can think of a usefule title.

sorry about lack of caps/bad grammar/no pictures, i'm tired, my brain is mushy, and my eye is twitchy..

it's been a long time baby. really there is nothing new to report. want to hear about the studying? want to hear how incredibly numb my mind is? would you like to know that it is now officially less then a month until my bar exam? ya... i don't really want to hear about it either.

one thing though. i apparently have been reading way too much lately. i have been having trouble with my left eye. i don't know what's up with it, but it's been twitching and crazy and just not feeling right. i think it might be strained. i have considered buying an eyepatch because really it's hard to try to study with one eye closed. try it. the studying must go on!

i have been knitting. some little things for my secret pal (lets keep those hush hush). also another dishcloth in orange and green this time. i'm working on a baby kimono from the masondixon chicks. i also started the tanktop from one skein. is it just me, or have i been doing a lot of knitting? i don't know how i've been getting all this stuff done...i swear i spend most of my time studying! knitting keeps me sane. so the major freak out that is just below the surface stays contained.

why are knitting bags so expensive? I love this bag, but seriously way too much money for me.


Sarah said...

ugh, studying so much that your eye is actually suffering... that stinks! I'm amazed that you have managed to knit at all, way to go! And your cream gable came out divine, despite all of the blocking disasters. That was entertaining to read about, I have to admit!

tawnyatay said...

I just happened upon your blog, and love your style! As a knitter / future law student, it's nice to see that someone can finish law school and still have time to knit.

Anonymous said...

As a knitter for 20 years and a lawyer for the last 10, I can tell you 2 things: 1. the eye twitch is not from strain, it's from stress (mine started to twitch my second year of law school and stopped the day the bar results came out.) 2. Knitting is a great stress reducer, but now is no time to knit -- study, study, study! I've taken and passed 3 bar exams (IN, LA, FL) and each time the last 2 weeks were what my husband called "PSYCHO MODE" -- nothing but eating, sleeping (a little), and studying (with a few showers here and there.) Best of luck with the bar exam!