Friday, January 20, 2006

Firsts for 2006!

A post!! Filled with knitting! I am going to call all of these my first Finished Objects of 2006 (although none of them are actually completely finished, but hey, it's the first week of school and I've had the flu, so damnit, if I want to call them finished then I will).

**Pictures of me actually in the sweater shall come when the nasty flu has passed**

Pattern: Raglan Sweater from the Top Down


Yarn: Slightly less then 3 skeins of blue Cotton-Ease, and slightly more then 1 skein of black Cotton-Ease.

Needles: US 8 for the body/sleeves and binding off, US 7 neck ribbing, US 6 sleeve ribbing and bottom hem ribbing.

Why not completely done: There are a few ends that need to be woven in still. This also really needs to be washed to help even out the stitches. Unfortunately the washer at my apartment is so high tech that it has basically a hot and cold setting. No delicate setting or sweater setting, so I will have to wash this baby by hand even though Cotton-Ease is machine washable.

Modifications: This pattern is so versatile I don’t think anything I did could really be called a modification. I made the neckline extra-wide, started the ribbing on the sleeves earlier and left out the shaping on the sleeves (because of the ribbing and my skinny-ass arms). I used knit front and back for the increases.

Notes for Future Use: Probably should make the neckline slightly narrower, should also have used the US 6 for the ribbing at the neck. Should have knit one row of black then started the ribbing on the sleeves and bottom to avoid the weird color jog that happened.

Pattern: Plait Cable Purse

Source: Inspired by this is my own pattern (listed below if you want to make one too).

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Bulky in White Frost, slightly less then one skein.

Needles: US 10

Why not completely done: I need to find some nice fabric to line this with and a nicer, heftier ribbon as well.

Modifications: none as the pattern was made up as I went along!

Notes for Future Use: This is the pattern I followed in case I want to make another one of these:
Cast on 51.

Row 1: P3, K1, P2, K9, P2, K2, P2, K9, P2, K2, P2, K9, P2, K1, P3

Row 2: and all wrong side rows: knit the knits and purl the purls

Row 3: P3, K1, P2, Sl 3 to CN front, K3, K3 CN, K3, P2, K2, P2, sl 3 to CN back, K3, K3 CN, K3, P2, K2, P2, Sl 3 to CN front, K3, K3 CN, K3, P2, K1, P3

Row 5: Repeat Row 1

Row7: P3, K1, P2, K3, Sl 3 to CN back, K3, K3 CN, P2, K2, P2, K3, sl 3 to CN front, K3, K3 CN, P2, K2, P2, K3, Sl 3 to CN back, K3, K3 CN, P2, K1, P3

Row 8: Repeat Row 2

Repeat rows 1-8 to length.

Pattern: Knitted Babes, basic doll pattern.

Source: Knitted Babes by Clare Garland

Yarn: Knitpicks dye your own stuff for the body, left over Cotton-Ease for the hair.

Needles: US 2 for the body

Why not completely done: She is not completely done because she has no clothes! All though my sewing skills royally suck, they are not as bad as that dress she is wearing makes them seem. The dress is only there because I just couldn’t show her naked! She will be complete when she has at least one outfit!

Modifications: Not sure if this is a modification, but I used the method of sewing the hair on to a fabric strip and then attaching it to her head.

Notes for Future Use: This is defiantly something where the body should have been designed to be knit in the round as the seaming of this really sucked. I think it would be nice to make the legs and arms real icords as well.

Here is my current WIP!

Pattern: Counterpane Carpet Bag

Source: Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Kiwi

Needles: US 8

Why not completely done: This pattern is slightly complicated and takes concentration, so I am working on it in bursts. I am on the fourth repeat here.

Modifications: Using smaller needle sizes as I want a smaller bag and am using a substituted yarn. I also will be using smaller sized handles then those recommended in the book.

Notes for Future Use: I think that if I use this yarn again for this product that I would perhaps use larger needles for a lacier product.

I wanted to add in here that my mom says she is hiring a dog walker to walk the bud a couple of times a week! I should add that this dog walker is one of my brother's friends who is paying his way through school and needs some extra money. He is really close to my family, the bud loves him, and I affectionately call him my favorite brother. He is truely one of the nicest guys. So this will be good for the walker and good for my bud. This makes me happy!


Sorka said...

Looks great!! Your babe is too cute even with that dress! I like it!
I need to make one of those bags I need some cable practice!
Thanks for posting the pattern!

Beverly said...

Thanks for your cable pattern! Once I finish my jaywalkers, I want to make that purse. Love your carpet bag, too!

Erin said...

Oh, beautiful! You've been a busy knitter... and you're still in law school, right? ;) The sweater's gorgeous and I love how the purse turned out. Your doll is too cute, too. My SP still rocks!!

wendy g said...

You have really been busy! The sweater , bags and knitted babe are all great projects. Thanks for the bag pattern.