Friday, September 02, 2005

and then there was an update...

School has been argh. Yup that just about describes it correctly. ARRRGHH!! No really its more like wow hectic! Here are my current time committments in a week (not including homework time):

6 hours of class
11 hours internship
15 hours clinic
4 hours journal
total: 36 hours.

Now I know most people who work think this is not all that much, its not even a full time job. But then I get to come home and do homework. Yeah. And then I get to worry about hearings with juvenile delinquents who don't want or think they need my help. And who decide it would be in their best interests to be waived to adult court. And then I have to try to find a time when my supervisor will be in the office when I can talk to him and he can tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do.

Ok, now that the bitching is over, I am so glad that I am doing this clinic. Really, it is giving me so much practical application of lawyering skills. Classes teach you things, but they do not really prepare you for the real life stuff. Like when you are appointed a client who refuses to contact you or call you back...I am so glad that I am learning these things now! I am so glad that I am getting to experience this (and I am trying to remember this when the frustration sets in...).

Knitting content? Ummm I have signed up for sp 6 and for gimme some needles exchange. Because I love and look forward to getting mail. I think I even convinced my mom to sign up for the needle exchange. She was jealous because of my fun SP5 experience. I tried to get her to sign up for SP6, but she won't because she doesn't have a blog and doesn't want me to set up one for her. She really needs to do something like this though. This year has been difficult for her. Within 2 months her father died, my dad had emergency open heart surgery, my great aunt got sick and they had to move her into a nursing home (when I say they I mean my mom had to do this and deal with all the details), and then my aunt died ( and once again all the details and problems went to my mom). And now on top of all that crap some of my family members are accusing my parents of stealing my aunt's money and making the will out to their benefit. Can you believe that shit? I know what the will says and they are wrong. The money (most, if not all of it) is going to my other great aunt's children who both have down's syndrome.

Ok so when I bitch, apparently I do it a lot.

I haven't had much time for knitting. I have been working here and there on my lace scarf which has now reached the impressive length of about 8 inches. Made with laceweight yarn on 0 needles, this is quite the accomplishment. I have also started on the front of a sweater made with cottonease from family circle easy knitting. I may reknit the other piece but first I am going to try to rip out the bind off and redo it and see if it looks better.

Now I must eat. I think today is a Burger King day.

(I haven't mentioned the hurricane, but now that the situation is in my heart and my prayers. Forget the anger and the blame. Lets focus on helping)


junknitter said...

Dear Daisy,
Two things, having a full time job is like taking a vacation compared to graduate school or school in general if you take it seriously. And secondly, your mother is one lucky mother to have such a loving and caring daughter, as is mother earth. The aftermath of Katrina is an unacceptable situation, but we can not focus on the lack of leadership at this point, and must focus on getting people the heck out of there, and food, water, and yes, a hot heart can hardly stand to see the pictures. I don't watch t.v., but the photos tell a moving and desperate story...and an unacceptable story.


disgruntled world citizen said...

Hey, I motored over here after seeing your interest in RL Burnside... did you know he died yesterday in Memphis. Pull out those cds and play 'im loud and proud. The man is gone, but NOT forgotten!

ck said...

Amazing how wacky people can get when they think money is involved...even family.