Monday, August 29, 2005

about me...

I finally finished my 100 things about me list and thought I would post it here:

  1. I was born on March 21, 1980.
  2. Second oldest of 4 kids. One older sister, 2 younger brothers.
  3. I am 50% Polish. My dad has our family's original immigration papers.
  4. 1 dog, named Bud who lives with my parents. He is half German Shepard, and half Collie and completely my baby.
  5. I live with my boyfriend of 7 years, one bearded dragon, and an aquarium of fish.
  6. I am a law student. This year will be my last year! Scary!
  7. I am a native of Illinois, my parents have lived in the same house my entire life. And I lived there too until I moved away to go to law school.
  8. I am about 5’ 6” tall.
  9. I am naturally super skinny.
  10. I eat a lot. And I mean a ton. So much that my boyfriend says I eat more then him. Really though I’m just on a two to three hour time line. As in if I don’t eat every couple of hours I get really cranky, and then sick.
  11. I come from a really big family. My dad is the oldest of 10!
  12. I make really good lasagna and a pretty good onion soup.
  13. I have a really amazing boyfriend, we met when I was 15, he was 14. Started dating when I was 17, and we have been living together since October. This year will be number 8!
  14. I am a Coke not a Pepsi girl.
  15. I love corned beef and Reubens.
  16. I have self-diagnosed myself with having social anxiety. Maybe I’m just anti-social? Hmm…
  17. I read a lot. Lots! I love Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, and Jeffrey Deaver (just to name a few).
  18. I am a Harry Potter nerd.
  19. I am terrified of the dentist. And I mean so terrified that I now get to take Valium before I go.
  20. I have never broken a bone.
  21. I have gotten stitches once, and I have a fairly large scar from it. Luckily it is on the back of my head covered by hair. Oh wait, my mom tells me I actually have a bald spot in the scar area. Great, something to get self-conscious about.
  22. I love Spongebob!
  23. I scrapbook.
  24. I have been to the Bahamas, Aruba, and Australia!
  25. I like kids movies such as Holes, Spy Kids, the Princess Diaries, and the Harry Potter series.
  26. I am a people watcher.
  27. I think I am a lurker too. I like to read blogs, but not comment.
  28. I am truly terrified of deep water where I cannot see the bottom.
  29. I cannot parallel park.
  30. Baths are my favorite!
  31. I have a couple of tattoos and piercings. And yup, they did hurt.
  32. Some of my favorite bands are the Ramones, Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, Bad Religion, All, Flogging Molly, No Use For a Name and the Descendents.
  33. I am an obsessive shopper. Seriously, shopping is a therapy. Which would explain how during finals and a yarn sale I ended up with nearly every single color of Cascade 220.
  34. I have very narrow feet, this makes finding things like dress up shoes and sandals hard.
  35. I have green eyes.
  36. I procrastinate in a major way.
  37. I do not like meat on bones. No ribs, and no chicken on the carcass. Really I prefer when my meat doesn't look like an animal of any sort.
  38. No seafood of any sort.
  39. My skin does not tan.
  40. I am an impatient person.
  41. I was captain of my high school track team.
  42. People say my sister and I look like identical twins.
  43. I am not a morning person.
  44. I prefer to shower in the mornings.
  45. I’ve been told that I have beautiful porcelain skin, and all it needs is some bronzer and blush.
  46. I am obsessive about the way I wash my dishes, which is in total contradiction to my personality since I tend to be more on the dirty side then the clean freak side.
  47. I like organization. My sister laughed when I color and pattern organized her scrapbook paper.
  48. The money in my wallet is always in order with all the bills facing the same direction.
  49. I am hungry right this second!
  50. I like to grocery shop.
  51. I am a big fan of adult swim.
  52. I don’t like orange juice.
  53. Favorite alcoholic beverage—Rum and cokes!
  54. I am a huge dork for the Back to the Future movies and Indiana Jones.
  55. I am a very messy eater. I need a bib.
  56. I love makeup and hair styling supplies, yet I hardly ever use either of them.
  57. I am not religious. That does not mean I do not have beliefs.
  58. I am a horrible speller. I don’t think my grammar is very good either.
  59. My favorite ice cream is Rocky Road. Gotta love the chocolate and marshmallow chunks!
  60. I love cream of chicken and rice soup.
  61. I hate talking on the telephone. I also dislike talking to people when they are on cell phones.
  62. I don't like having my picture taken.
  63. I almost never take off my watch.
  64. I was born breach.
  65. I was also born with messed up feet. No one noticed until I came home from the hospital and my mom tried to put one of those pj things with feet on me. I had to wear my shoes on the wrong feet and my mom did little exercises and stretches to my feet to make them face the right direction. Now my feet are normal.
  66. I hate my handwriting.
  67. I always use blue pens, Bic blue pens.
  68. I love my chuck taylors.
  69. I tab things obsessively (this really only applies to school stuff or research stuff).
  70. I am really horrible in math.
  71. In High school I got one of the highest scores in my class on the ACTs (There were a couple of people who all got the highest score).
  72. I need to exercise more.
  73. The sound of a nail file drives me crazy.
  74. I love getting flowers of any sort. Nothin is quite as nice.
  75. I fidget a lot. Which is probably why knitting is good for me. It keeps my hands occupied.
  76. I doubt myself a lot.
  77. I really enjoy the antique road show.
  78. Mangos make my mouth tingle in a very unpleasant way. Mango flavored things are ok though.
  79. Nearly every time it rains I get a headache. My headaches can often predict when it will rain.
  80. I feel most alone when I am in a crowd.
  81. I love to get mail of any sort.
  82. I highly dislike the word uber.
  83. I really don't like to drive, and I hate to drive at night. I have serious issues with being night blind. It's completely bad.
  84. It bothers me when people use the wrong there, their, they're, were, where, two, too, or too or use an when it should be a. I don't know why, it's not like I have the best grammar in the world.
  85. I have never been to the east coast.
  86. I love rollercoasters!
  87. I do NOT like coffee.
  88. I can play the flute. Not so well, but I can stumble along.
  89. I cannot say the alphabet backwards.
  90. I have a Bachelor's degree in marketing, what was I thinking?
  91. I think same sex marriage should be legal.
  92. My mom thought I was going to be a boy.
  93. I hate not knowing. Not knowing what? Everything.
  94. I do not have a favorite book, movie, or song. There are bunches of things that I like, but not one that I could pick out.
  95. My skin blushes really well.
  96. I've had laser eye surgery. I see really well during the daytime, not so well at night.
  97. My hands and feet are always cold.
  98. I think I am losing my hearing.
  99. I have been described as intense. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't think I agree.
  100. I still count on my fingers.

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