Saturday, January 26, 2008

FO Tree Jacket

I never got around to posting a proper FO post for this sweater, so here it goes. The photos are not so good since I did not have anyone to take the photos of me wearing it, plus crappy winter light, plus in the pictures I had already worn the sweater once before so it's stretched out and wrinkled, and oh yeah because of the flash you can see the shirt I have on underneath. I've got a lot of compliments on this sweater every time I wear it! This is one of my favorite knits ever!


: Tree Jacket
Yarn: Valley Yarns Longmeadow
Needles: Denises, US Size 6
Ravelry Link
Time Frame: Started October 2007 finished December 2007.
Modifications: Custom size based on my different gauge. I extended the garter stitch section to completely cover my bra, so I could possibly wear it without a shirt underneath.


Gettysburg Mom said...

Hello there- I hope this reaches you. You won the Gettysburg Family Postcard contest! Please let me know where I can mail the postcards for you. Thanks!!

Kasia said...

I love this sweater! I had heard that many people were knitting it but yours is one of the two I had seen made and I adore. Lovely job!