Monday, November 19, 2007

Package from Punk Rock Secret Pal

I got an awesome second package from my punk rock gift exchange secret pal Lindsay!

punk rock gift exchange

I forgot to include the book Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor that was also in the package. I received my final package from Lindsay of Storm Moon Knits on Thursday. As you can see, it is a fabulous package. Included is Storm Moon Knits Celestial Bulky yarn, Burly Spun yarn, a pumpkin pie candle, stitch markers, lovely knitting needles, a cute cute cute picture frame (with a picture of bud in last year's halloween outfit), and much needed sour patch watermelons!

The colors of the yarn are amazing! Seriously beautiful and wonderfully me! I've never knit with yarns like these before and I really wish I could dive right into them (unfortunately I have knits with deadlines to finish first!). I was really lucky in this exchange to have such a wonderful pal.

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Team Knit ! said...

Nice haul! That's some gorgeous yarn. - Julie