Friday, September 28, 2007

It's been a no good, horrible, terrible week.

I have the bajillion knits to post about. And 2 swap packages (punk rock gift exchange and a craftster paper swap). But instead I'm going to tell about bud.


Bud is my dog. He's about 7 now. I found him through some friends of my boyfriend who had gotten a dog from a litter of puppies that came before bud. The people who owned Bud's mom pretty much let her go whilly-nilly all over the place and they were about ready to take Bud to the pound when I found him. He's half german shepherd and half collie. When I picked him up he was so incredibly filthy, I wished I could have taken the other puppy with me as well.

From the moment Bud came home he's been my dog more then anyone else's. When I brought him home he would not go anywhere in the house or in the yard where he did not see me walk first. I had to teach him that it was ok to go by other people. He was so scared sometimes that if a stranger tried to pet him, he would growl at them. (imagine little tiny mutt dog acting so tough). We think the family where he was born must have beat him, his behavior was not normal puppy behavior. And now he cannot stand to hear raised voices or even play fighting without jumping in to protect someone.

bud's halloween outfit

Well I've gotten him past his anti-social behaviors. He's a little cautious at times, but I think he's a great dog and he's mine. I belong to him as much as he belongs to me.

On Wednesday Bud went out into the yard to play and soon came back crying. He could not put any weight on his back left leg. I took him to the vet on Thursday. Bud has an ACL tear. He needs surgery. He's in a lot of pain. The surgery is very expensive, but this is something that will not heal on its own. This is complicated by the fact that Bud has had liver problems in the past, and the vet is not even sure if he's a candidate for surgery right now. The blood tests will be back today and hopefully he'll be able to get the surgery. Bud is supposed to take pain pills and I have probably one of the only dogs in the world who does not gulp his food, he chews every last bite of his food. This means he tastes the pills and spits them all out.

Bud is in a lot of pain. He's not eating. He's decided to settle into my bedroom, which is at the top of a flight of stairs. He doesn't want to go down the stairs. He doesn't want to go outside. Sometimes he just cries.

It's killing me. I hope the vet will call and say that he can get his surgery. I hope that I can find a way to pay for this expensive and much needed surgery.



Octopus Knits said...

Poor Bud -- that's terrible! If the vet gives Bud the OK to have surgery, I'd be happy to donate some money towards it, and I bet other people would help out, too.

I'm thinking positive thoughts for you guys!

Marvie said...

If Bud is able to have the surgery, try this:

We used it when our cat had UTI's (mucho $$) if I remember right, you can even check to see if your own vet is part of it, but at the very least I think you can see what vets in your area do take it.

Best of luck!

kasiaiscarly said...

aww, your post made me tear up. i can't imagine things happening to my two pooches. did you try smooshing his pills in some liverwurst or cream cheese or peanut butter? that always works with mine. i hope you get good news from the vet.

zosia and jimmy ray send get well barks, too.

DAWN said...

Ah, you are killing me. I have a White German Shephard who is 7 and he is my "bud". It will all be okay and I would be willing to donate to a fund for Bud's surgery. Give him lots of love and talk to him to help him through the pain. Good thoughts, good thoughts.