Sunday, February 25, 2007

what I've been up to...

This is an ATC, my first one! I just thought I would give it a try. It's made out of a picture from an old book, scrapbook papers, handmade paper, stamps, ink. The quote is from a Violent Femmes song. It might be kinda hard to tell from the picture but she is carrying little wicker suitcases. (Click on her and you can see it in Flickr, and it'll be bigger!)

I've been sick. Terrible Horrible Cold. It was pretty much totally gone, and then, this morning I work up feeling stuffy again. Sneezing. I'm hoping this is just a minor set back!

I've been working on some crafty things. First off, knitting. I finished the little baby blanket I was doing. I also made 3 washclothes, one with a heart, one with a little duck, and one with a paw print. All the knitting needs to have the ends woven in and need to be washed/blocked. But the baby is not due until September, so I've got a little bit of time for this. They have yet to be photographed. Now I am kinda lost in that no man land of what the hell will I knit next. I cannot really make up my mind!

Has anyone read the Knitting Circle? So sad! I loved the book, but wow was it emotional! Made me cry. As I read about the descriptions/reasons behind knitting, it really made me think of what knitting is to me. Knitting is therapy. Knitting is an escape. Knitting is an addiction!

Other crafty endevours:You can click on any of these pictures to read a little bit more about them!

Yarn contest is still in effect--contact me!

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Art & Disorder said...

Hi my name is BerĂª...beautiful knit,very..very!