Friday, April 14, 2006

Where have I been?

This is a picture from my birthday which justs amused me. My hair actually looked pretty good. And we went out to a fancy dinner, it was lots of fun.

It's been a long time since I had a post with any kind of a proper update. So what have I been up to? Well I'll blame it all on the school. The truth is I leave in the morning at 7:30 and I get home at 7 (during this time period I am in class and doing my clinic work) and then I have homework. This week has been particularly hellish. Seriously, I am ready to be done with my clinic work and just everything. I wish I could say I am looking forward to a nice relaxing summer, but nope!

So a month from yesterday and I am graduating! This is very exciting and frightening. So many things to think of, and so much that needs to be done. Because of course with my graduation comes my moving. My head is ready to explode.

Last week I went to the doctor and guess what? I have actually gained some weight! This is exciting, I have weighed the same since I was about 14. I am up to the magical number of 108 (yes this is with clothes on). I think its because I have been working out. Muscle weighs more then fat, right? I don't think I look as if I have gained any weight. As encouragement to myself, I keep telling myself that I feel better about myself, and I am gaining some muscle-like curves (specially my arms, I look like I could kick some ass). Of course yesterday I dislocated my big toe on my left foot and I hurt my right knee, so I didn't get any exercise today, but hopefully I'll be better by the time I come back from Easter. How did I hurt myself? I have not a clue. Yesterday I was sitting on the computer (looking at knitting blogs) and all of a sudden I was like OWWW! I look done and OWWW my foot hurts! Why? Oh Shit why is my big toe bent that way? (My big toe was kinda diagonally behind the other toes, it's kinda hard to explain.) Oh crap I can't move it. I gently was able to move it into the right way..and it still hurt but less. It still hurts, maybe its a little swollen, but I still don't know what the hell happened.

Some how with how busy I have been I have gotten some knitting done, so on with the knitting! (I feel like these pictures should come with a disclaimer--warning I am wearing no makeup, I didn't do my hair, and these are horrid self-portraits in the bathroom since I have no one to take a picture for me!)

Pattern: Yarn-over Steek Vest

Source: Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham

Yarn: Cotton-ease, doubled, less then 2 skeins (I think), I got guage.

Needles: US 15

Modifications: I made the ribbing longer then recommended. It's long enough to cover my belly button (the pants I have on in the picture are very lowrider)

Notes for Future Use:This is very heavy weight for something that is sleeveless. I think I would get more use out of it if
I used a lighter yarn and just figured out my guage and adjusted the pattern to work. Which I think would be pretty easy to do.

Pattern: Ballet t-shirt

Source: Loop-d-Loop by Teva Durham

Yarn: Cotton-ease, doubled, slightly less then 3 skeins, got guage.

Needles: US 15

Modifications: I added some little sleeves. I just left the sleeves on holders, then knit them down in the round until they were the length I wanted.

Notes for Future Use: Once again I think I would get more use out of this if it were done in a lighter weight yarn. It is just too heavy with the doubled yarn used. Another note would be that I made the smallest size and even on my very slight frame you can see that the knitting is stretching. I usually wear an XS sometimes even an XXS, so I don't know how this would fit on a normal sized person.

I just could not take a good picture of either of these on myself. Maybe one day I will update with better pictures!

My current work is the cream gable! Love it! I am almost up to the sleeves!


Pammi said...

Happy Belated Birthday and I have so enjoyed looking at the sweater and the pull over (i hope that is what you call it) they are great, I have not made the jump yet to something like that, I am still doing hats and purses. Have a great day and keep up with the great knitting

Erin said...

You've been a very busy woman--knitting and otherwise! I love how the tops turned out. And congrats on being close to finishing with school! Your old SP, Erin