Friday, February 10, 2006

Not so RAOK

I have some yarn that I would like to give away. As some people may know, I am graduating in May and then moving back to Illinois. So I want to get some yarn out of my stash that I have no plans for. To get this yarn all you have to do is send me an email at rebeldaisy AT aol DOT com, tell me which yarn you want and what you want to do with the yarn. I want to give the yarn to someone who is actually going to use it, and hopefully someone actually wants this stuff, rather then just giving it as a RAOK to someone who might not want it. I will send out the yarn after Friday, if more then 1 person wants the yarn then I will draw a random name.

1. The yarn pictured above is from handpaintedyarn. I believe the color is Pollen and it is Colonia 140, approximately 147 yards per skein. If you've never had experience with this yarn it is lovely and it still smells of vinegar!

2. Here there are two skeins of a hot pink and one of a red of Filaro 12 ply Mohair. Each skein is 50g with 109 yards/100 meters. This stuff is 74% mohair/24% wool/ 2 % Nylon. Recommended needle size of 5.5-6mm. I've never used it, so I cannot say how it works up.

3. As you can (sortof) see from the tag, this is Cherry Tree Hill Spider Silk. 60% silk/40% superfine Merina. 160 yards. Colorway is Life's a Beach. It can be hard to see on the monitor but the colors are yellow and shades of green and shades of blue. It's pretty and the texture of the yarn is very interesting, but I have no idea what to do with it. Do you?

4. I've got some left over Knitpicks merino style in the color Rhubarb. The label lists each skein as having 123 yards and there are nearly four whole skeins here (the two without labels appear to be mostly complete, I honestly cannot remember what I used them for).

5. The last lonely skein is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Cherry Blossom. There's a 110 yards.

I will eventually have some knitting pictures, because I have been knitting.


Sorka said...

I wouldn't mind havint the Knit picks yarns.. I want to make a vest for my little one and That ought to be just enough yarn to do it!

HomeJewel said...

Oh, how fun. The yellow hand-painted yarn looks great! I wouldn't mind trying to make my new baby something with it. I've sent you an e-mail :)

asterpurl said...

Just found your site through the knitters ring...
I've got an idea for the spider silk - will send you an email.

mari said...

Hi! I think we are neighbours (in the knitting blog ring);). Such a coincidence: I have spent the last few days drooling at the trying to decide if I should order now or NOW!? I even sent them an e-mail asking about the shipping costs to Europe. Did you knit something out of their yarn?