Thursday, February 09, 2006

a little update

It's been a while since I had anything posted. Thanks everyone for all the comments on my counterpane purse! I sure do love it too!

This is whats been goin on:

  • Trip home for an interview
    • I think it went ok, gotta wait and see..
  • Dinner with the family
  • Went to second city (if you're in Chicago, you should go)
  • Listened to Supreme Court Justice Thomas
    • He's a pretty funny guy!
  • A couple of hearings
    • I was given a wonderful compliment by a client, sometimes its worth all the worry...
  • A tiny bit of knitting, working on:
    • baby blanket
    • a sock
    • a sweater
  • Nasty migraines
And now it's back to the grind...eventually I'll have some pictures to post..

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