Monday, August 15, 2005


Today has been rather exhausting. It was the first day of my orientation for the legal clinic I am doing. This year (it's a two semester commitment) I am doing a children's rights clinic where I will be pretty much representing children in juvenile delinquency hearings, child in need of assistance cases, pretty much all those types of things. It's exciting and scary to think about. I'll get a special license to practice law with a supervising attorney. This means that I could be sued for malpractice! And disbarred before I even pass the bar! It's a lot of responsibility which makes it a little bit terrifying. It's going to be a huge time commitment as well.

And I got my little letter for making the dean's list! whoopie!

I also got my hours for the journal. This year I am senior staff. Which means for some of my hours I am the person in charge in the office. Ha! Me? Like I know what I'm doing? Time to set a bad example! Kidding, I partly know what I'm doing.

So the school year is starting, which is the official end of summer in my book. Bummer.

My parents and sister are coming for my swearing in ceremony. They will get in late tomorrow and hopefully I will get to see them Wednesday before the ceremony for lunch or something. I should straighten up the apartment a little bit.

Oh today I made bread. It is a success! It was my first time!

Knittin' has been done as well I'm about 2/3 of the way through the back of a cottonease sweater from a family circle easy knitting magazine of which I can not recall and don't really care to go and look for. I am also knitting a lace scarf which I have just spent 20 minutes unknitting cuz I majorly fucked it up. yeah...that sucked. Lifeline? Mmm maybe that would be a good idea!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Dean's List. That is fantastic. Senior staff also. That sounds so cool. Congrats on the bread.

BTW - a package should be arriving on Friday from UPS. Hope you like it. This time there is a special letter in it. Hope you enjoy it.

Your Secret Pal