Wednesday, August 24, 2005

and finally the pictures

It has been a hectic begining to the school year. Yup, so it is finally wednesday and I'm getting a chance to sit down and put up those pictures of my last secret pal present!

Here is a picture of the pretty wrapping. The stripes in the tissue paper coordinated with everything in the package. On to the fun pictures!

First there are the famous knit notecards that I have seen a lot of people receive, and finally I get some of my own. Then there is the necessary candy because I am a sugar freak. A lovely little notebook. Some very pretty stitch markers, and some lotions (one of which I am going to take to the clinic and leave there so I always have some lotion).

Now you see first in the upper right there is a round picture frame. Cute isn't it? I am looking for a good picture of me and my man to put in it and then it will be brought into the clinic with me to brighten up my little cube. Then below that are some pretty needles with little bead things on the end. I think they are my prettiest needles! On the bottom is a tape measure that is shaped like a sheep. Definatly makes measuring more fun. There is then some tea, one of which is a sleepy time tea which amuses me far too much. Above that is a chibi needle (I think that's what its called, but I cannot be bothered to look). Right by the lotion in the bag are some spongebob bandaids! At the very top of the pic is a bath poofy. And then comes the yarn! Some very pretty Noro, a ball of Skacel, and Dolcino by trendsetter yarns. What a terrific package! Thank you again Janet!

***editted to add the rant below, if you don't like ranting don't read***

My boyfriend has been borrowing my car for the last two weeks since his has been broken. Fine whatever, not that big a deal since basically I walk to school and walk to the law clinic so I really don't need my car during the day. Today he comes home from work and announces that he has lost the face to my radio. Excuse me? He swears he had it on Sunday (and I know it was around Sunday), and he hasn't used the radio since. He has been the only one to have the face to the radio and he is the only one that has used the car. So he's all upset. The part that really pisses me off is he is making me feel guilty for being mad about it. Don't I have a right to be mad? I mean the radio cost $180 when I bought it. I know its been a few years, but I need a radio in my car. Especially when most of my time is spent on 5 hour drives. I think it is perfectly reasonable that I am upset. I hate when people make me feel guilty about being mad. Some situations deserve a little bit of anger. (I am upset but it's not like I'm yelling or crying... or throwing a fit...I am just pissed off, ya know?)

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KniTaPaLooZa said...

I am so glad you liked everything. Sorry to leave you hanging for so long but I myself have not been able to up date my blog in over a month. I started SP6 but I feel absolutely worthless to my SP because I have not even made an attempt at sending off the packages I have for her. OOPs. Life gets going just way to hard sometimes. I am glad to see all your answers to the 100 things about you. Very cool.

Well I am going to let you go and talk to you later. Have a fantastic weekend (rest of the weekend) that is.

Take Care,