Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fourth of July weekend

It's time for a new post. What is there to say? So much, but I can't say it. Weekend was ok. A mix of the good and the bad. Got to hang out a lot with my sister and my mom. Did a little bit of shopping. Picked up a few things for my secret pal and some embossing powder and ink so I can try out the heat gun the boy's mom got for me. Bad stuff involved going to see my dying great aunt in the hospital. Ehh, she's 91 so it's not really unexpected, but still seeing someone in that condition...Listening to my ungrateful family second guess the decisions my mom has made in regards to my aunt. My mom is only following my great aunt's wishes, this is my dad's aunt and my mom is incredible woman for being the person who has to deal with all this crap. I know my mom loves my aunt, but really she should not have to be the person doing this. And then having relatives who have not even bothered to see aunt stef in the hospital calling to see if they can arrange the memorial and dinner around their schedules?! She's not even dead yet.

The weekend did involve lots of yummy food. My favorite Thai place and my favorite Mexican restaurant. Yummy. Plus my dad made me ham and a really yummy pasta salad.

I don't know what's wrong with me today. I came back from class and got all shaky and weak. It was really bad. I ate some cheese, pretzels and a banana and felt better. This kind of thing doesn't normally happen unless I go a long time without eating. I should be able to not eat for 3 hours and not get sick, right? Bleh, sometimes I hate my body!

The boy got mad at me yesterday because I used the wrong tone of voice when I told him to stop waking me up. He was trying to wake me up because he thought I had school yesterday, but I didn't. I told him this multiple times over the weekend. And some how he's mad at me? Because I got an attitude when I told him I didn't need to wake up? What the fuck? Really all I can remember saying was that "I don't have school today". I didn't try to say it in any particular way, I was just sleeping, and trying to go back to sleep. Hmm perhaps this is an example of boy PMS?

Progress on the baby sweater, finished knitting all the parts over the weekend. Yesterday I blocked it. Today hopefully I will do all of the seaming. And I hope it goes ok. I'm a little bit worried that I am going to seam it in a shoddy way and then be pissed at myself for ruining the thing.

Started a little hat yesterday to go with the sweater. It is the umbilical hat from SnB. I've made one before and liked it, so I thought I'd whip one of those babies up.

Still thinking about making booties to go with the whole ensemble. Seems like it would be a good idea. I know I could make the one hour baby booties from SnBN, but I've been searching around for other ideas. During class I was looking at some free patterns online, but most of them require smaller needles then I currently have on hand. So either I have to wait for my needles to come, or try some other pattern.

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